Self- and Peer Assessment in Academic Writing

Welcome to the Study “Self- and Peer Assessment in Academic Writing”

The goal of this study is to enable university students to practice writing an academic abstract and assess and give feedback on their own and peers’ writing performance.

The current target group of the study is all psychology students (bachelor, master's, doctoral) & master’s and doctoral students from all disciplines with English reading and writing skills at least B2 level.

On the following pages, you will receive detailed information about this study and your tasks.

Before starting, please read the following items:
  • Carefully read the instructions written in orange boxes during the study.
  • Use your desktop computer or laptop, not your smartphone, for this study.
  • Pay attention to each task, work on them to the best of your ability, and make sincere judgments during assessment tasks.
  • Do not use the "Go backwards" and "Refresh" buttons of the browser. Otherwise, you will lose your answers and have to rewrite them. This also affects the study results negatively.
  • Complete the tasks without giving any break.
  • Use only this website during the study. Please do not use the Internet for searching and AI applications for generating responses to the tasks in this study. In addition, please do not copy sentences from the study you will read to write your abstract. Your data will be checked in terms of originality and will be excluded in case of plagiarism because this affects the study results negatively. Please follow the rules of good scientific practice.
  • If you wish to withdraw from the study, please click the "Cancel" button.

Data collection for this study was completed.